A focus on bringing real estate investors
precisely what they value most:
A bold, strategic point of view backed by solid leadership.


Operating with a confidence that comes from years of experience and proven results, Novaya excels as an agile and dynamic investment partner. We uncover opportunities and unlock potential, revealing value-add investments others may overlook. In a market that favors those who move first, Novaya stands out as the partner of choice for private and institutional clients who recognize the value in partnering with an industry leader.


Leveraging the deep synergies of our senior management team we wield the advantage of multiple perspectives, seeing clear of market complexities to ensure superior performance.


Acting upon strategies with a combination of decisiveness and discipline, we see market trends early on and are quick to capitalize on behalf of our clients.


Rotating quickly into areas where we see opportunity, we utilize an agile approach. With Novaya, investors find value only on the ground operators can deliver – across multiple asset types.

Partner with Trust

At Novaya, we believe every great deal is built on a foundation of trust. Ours is earned and re-earned through the integrity of our relationships, the balanced perspectives shared by a senior management team, and ultimately by the performance of the projects we present.

Photo of James Alden

James Alden

Founding Principal
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Scott Tully

Managing Principal
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Peter Carbone III, Esq

Principal and CIO
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Jeffrey Theobald

Principal and COO

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