About Us


Novaya draws its name from a curious optical phenomenon, The Novaya Zemlya Effect, that gives the impression that the sun is rising earlier than it actually should, akin to glimpsing beyond the horizon. Bringing a valued market perspective, and a proactive investment strategy, Novaya Real Estate Ventures looks “over the horizon” to uncover opportunities and unlock potential.

As the name ‘Novaya’ suggests, the combined expertise in institutional asset management, private equity, real estate law, and venture capital, coupled with our extensive on-the-ground operating experience, enables us “to see over the horizon” for the benefit of our clients. Our environment is dynamic and differentiated, rewarding strategic thinking and dedicated self-starters. With a focus on being the most trusted and dependable real estate investment partner to our clients, as well as on providing a transformative presence in the communities we impact, Novaya Real Estate Ventures provides an exciting and energetic career environment for those who want to join a leading team of agile first movers.

Who We Are

Since 2011, Novaya Real Estate Ventures has been a recognized visionary in real estate investing, providing its clients precisely what they value most: a bold, strategic point of view backed by a solid leadership position.

Novaya operates with the confidence that comes from proprietary market relationships. We actively seek out exceptional real estate opportunities based on the tenured market opinion, deep synergies of expertise and balanced perspectives of our senior management team. Disciplined and deliberate, we uncover opportunities, create value and unlock potential.