Investment Strategy

With a bold strategic outlook founded in seeking competitive advantage, Novaya Real Estate Ventures has demonstrated a unique ability to uncover value through opportunistic real estate investments for private clients and institutions.

Novaya proactively assesses and acts across asset categories, with an agile investment approach that finds reward in diverse investment categories from industrial, flex, office and retail, to mixed use and residential. Since 2011, Novaya has offered insightful opportunities ranging from short-term value-add projects to long-term multiple-oriented deals, always keeping preservation of capital paramount.

Today, Novaya has a clear presence as an agile partner in the real estate market and as a company committed to extending its capital capabilities and broad-spectrum expertise nationally in markets of strategic promise.

At Novaya, we drive to performance, not categories, allowing us to see over the horizon to the possibility others may overlook.

With support from a diverse, international base of investors and institutional partners, Novaya has established a track record of creativity and flexibility in investment theses and deal structures, with projects ranging from value-add/opportunistic to core-plus. Today, Novaya’s business operates through a two-pronged approach, aimed at granting investors maximum fluidity and efficiency in how they choose to invest with us:

Single-Syndicated Deals: Historically, Novaya has come to investors with one-off deals on average once per quarter. Typically value-add in nature, Novaya’s single syndicate structures allow investors to selectively participate in short- to mid-term, event driven projects. Novaya’s expertise in and intimate approach to leasing, asset management, construction management, and permitting allow us to capture the utmost value for our investors.

Novaya Open-End Fund: In October 2020, Novaya launched the Open-End Fund as a complement to the value-add business. Longer-term and lower-risk in nature, the Fund is a current income focused vehicle designed to perform through complete market cycles. By selectively blending assets between the Fund and single-syndicated deals, investors are given optionality in the risk-profile and weighted average term of their investments with Novaya.